Relaunch Campaign, Creative Direction at Canopy Growth.

It’s harder than ever to feel good about feeling good.

Even though we all want to be happy, when we do something that makes us feel good, we often end up feeling bad about it. Whether it’s taking time off, eating chocolate, junk food or getting high, we’re harshly judged by society—and ourselves—for enjoying the very things that are meant to bring us joy.

To relaunch the new Tweed to Canadians,  this campaign focused on championing feel-good moments, big and small through playful and off-beat vignettes. Whether it’s impromptu karaoke,  baking abstract art cookies, or cosplaying for the heck of it, Tweed believes you should never feel bad doing what you want. And you should never hold back on doing what you love.

And so, we toss guilt to the wind, and instead do—Whatever feels good.

Creative Direction | Jennifer Dunaj
Art Direction | Ellen Micallef
Copywriting | Adam McDade, Dave Savoie​​​​​​​
Brand Strategy | Caitlin Lindsay
Integrated Brand Production | Joe De La Plante
Project Management | Michelle Sinclair
Paid Media | Alison Lind, Melissa Champagne
Product Team | Sherry Feng, Keri An Meslar, Mark Lee
3d Renders | Marc Lafrance
Bud Photography |  Rémi Thériault (House of Common)
Production Agency | AH HA Productions
Campaign Photography |  Kate Ince
D.O.P | Zachary Koski
Styling | Emily Brunka
Set / Prop Styling | Nicole Billark
Video Editing | Jack Ferore
Tweed's rebrand included a fresh new colour palette, updated packaging, and a new design system. The result is a simple, playful take on cannabis with the intention to make it easy for you to  just feel good.
The relaunch campaign's brand-first content was focused on building an emotional connection and driving awareness, while product-centric storytelling helped to drive consideration and conversion. It came to life across many touch-points; Fashion and Toronto Life magazines, in-store digital screens, and the websites most frequented by our consumers.
As part of an initiative to re-introduce the new Tweed to the budtender community, Tweed partnered with High Buds Club to distribute kits filled with feel good treats, campaign information, and samples of the new strains Chemdawg and Powdered Donuts. The goal was to engage and educate the budtenders (who act as mediaries between the brand and the consumers) to build brand love—driving product recommendations.
The kits were developed with care; using colour, material and design to make the overall experience special. These details did not go unnoticed, as budtenders happily shared their thoughts over socials.
The storefronts featured bold, playful vinyls that showcased the brand's new colour palette and invited customers to do Whatever feels good.
Note these images are intended for people 19+ and are not to be shared with minors.
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