Reign or Shine —
PR Event, Art direction and Design at Aldo.
Press event to showcase the Aldo Fall '17 collection in the UK. On April 12th, 110 people, including top tier editors, stylists, influencers and wholesale partners (House of Fraser, Selfridges) were given an exclusive first look at the Q3 2017 collections in a stunning venue, situated in the heart of London's West End. The event received 2.6 million impressions on social media (+69% vs. last season event). 

Design Direction | Gerard Cleal 
Art Direction | Jennifer Dunaj 
Graphic Design | Jennifer Dunaj, Su Park 
PR | Marine Sophie Jegard 
PR Agency | BPCM Production 
Agency | Bacchus Live Fashion 
Illustrator | Adriana Krawcewicz Photographer | Sam Jackson
The unexpected pastels and metallics of the (fall) product were an inspiration for the darker purple and silver chrome of the artwork.​​​​​​​
The Collection Room  —
Long wooden planks and vinyls to detail the trends.
Highlights of the events included live illustration by Adrianna Krawcewicz and a mirror wall installation.
Film by Eleonora Cecchini featuring Adrianna in action.
Invitations and artwork details.
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