GTM Campaign, Art Direction at Canopy Growth.

Cannabis has never been seen as aspirational or sophisticated, whereas tweed (the fabric) has. This campaign highlighted Tweed (the brand) in an approachable way, borrowing inspiration from fashion imagery. Through each models’ styling we wanted to express a sense of (playful) individuality that connects back to the idea that  Tweed cannabis is tailored for them.

Creative Direction | Joanne Gallop & Jessica Hay
Art Direction | Jennifer Dunaj & Mathieu Robin
Copywriting | Adam Lalama
Graphic Design | Nadim Zakkour, Tanya Cull, Randy Labourne
Marketing | Eric Williams, John Myhal, Marta Juszcza
Production | Craig McCallion, Yvonne Hercun
Project Management | Einika Colborn, Tracey Godin
Agency | L'Éloi
Photography |  Mathieu Fortin
Stylist | Fred Gauthier
HMU | Tamara Dilullo
Set Stylist | Evelyn Morin
Models | Marcie-Ann St-Louis, Ulysse Rwasamanzi, Viviane Nguyen, Arnaud, Tahir Abbas
Video | I/O​​​​​​​
Video | Cineplex Ad
Note these images are intended for people 19+ and are not to be shared with minors.
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