Experiential Marketing, Art Direction and Design at ALDO .
Three Local Artists.
Three Aldo Locations.
Three Days.

We partnered with 3 local artists to hand paint Aldo shoes that reflected the artist’s interpretation of the heart and soul of New York City’s unique neighbourhoods. Each event occurred between 2-6 pm and was anchored with local catering and a live DJ to create a festive/party atmosphere.
Working from a customized ‘art’ truck, each artist was available to paint 10 pairs of shoes per event based on a first come, first serve basis.
This entire project was conceptualized and executed in under a month. It required strong teamwork and exceptional attention to detail, pulling from the expertise of all. Now considered as a cornerstone project, its aim is to be replicated globally.
Creative Direction | Gerard Cleal
Art Direction & Graphic Design | Jennifer Dunaj 
Digital Design | Veronique Janosy
Marketing | Adam Starr, Isabelle Roy, Linda Cote, Chrysoula Savopoulos
Event Agency | Geometry Global: Nuala Byles, Chantal Smith, Ahysha Donaldson, Jacqui Torti
Artists | Josh Cochran, Leah Tinari, Jane LaFarge Hamill
Video | Crystal Arnette, Scott Fetterman
Event Photography | Jennifer Dunaj
DJs | B-Hen, Quiana Parks
Social Media | Sophie Boissinot-Tremblay
Video  —
The idea in motion.
Paper  —
Flyers, tickets, way-finding, and menus.
Email and social.
Merch  —
Tote and tees.
Day 1
Times Squarer with artist Josh Cochran.
Day 2 
Fifth Avenue with artist Leah Tinari.
Day 3 
SoHo with Jane LaFarge Hamill.
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